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Hostile Alchemy


Disregarded warnings. Unacknowledged threats. Hate-filled intent that will not relent. The end of this fuse has been met. We address your insistence with our hostile resistance. A fight against your insurgence with weapons threatening our existence. An undeniable scourge, a threat that must be purged. As the treat is militarized, we arise with more than words. Weaponized through automation. Warheads aimed at your location. Not a blinding light of salvation, thermonuclear annihilation.
Kompromat 06:00
Palpable bloodlust is fed. Apex predators embed. All wings of power they now head. By our adversaries our future is led. Cyber infiltrations are denied. In enemies our leaders now confide. Leaked information, widespread dissemination. Propaganda proclamations Your fucking sanctions make me laugh. Where is the other half? Blind/copied. Villainize. Prophetic/pathetic. Delegitimize. A decrepit claw clutches our globe. New threats are made, KN-08 on parade. No more notions that we’re protected by oceans. Data breach changes emotions. A red tide of saboteurs now ensures the harsh demise of you and yours. Until the other half is released, not all the kompromat is unleashed.
Mannequins 04:59
Surrogates 03:59
Scumfuck bottom-feeders. Lowest form of informers. Shovel the shit into our throats. Pointing. Accusations. Creating scapegoats. You spread your fucking lies. Never batting an eye. Snake oil surges through your veins. Nothing you preach is sane. Scorched earth delivery of your false prophecies. Each of your falsehoods breeds more disinformation which you feed, To the masses, with innocent glances Eye-fucking the audience at every chance. Instill that fiction into the other surrogates that spread your propaganda motherfucker.
EMP ASAP 01:59
Turmoil already lying inside. Incessant to intertwine. In the brine surrounding my mind’s confines it leaves me wondering why And I do not know if I can let it slide Into a newfound respected and invested entity I should be giving a fuck about anymore. Intermangled actuality breathes both hatred and passion into me. Improvised in a vortex of both beauty and slaughterhouse retribution. Overcoming complacency. Noxious brainwaves emanate confused retort. But you are meeting your demise tonight, whether you think it’s alright. Just because our paths have not yet crossed, don’t forget your life will still be lost. Disposed of. Forgotten. Aflame, with rage we will meet in the street. Meat meets meat. Hatred collides. Bulging eyes. I continue to antagonize, while your demise enters what I realize is real. Plow the remnants of guilt under, asunder solution. But here it comes again, the forecast not discreet. This is when we’ll finally meet, a fight for redemption. No matter what precautions are taken, or what premonitions awake me every day The day is drawing nigh, when you and I, will meet face-to-face, and one of us will die. Not fucking me. With nothing left to lose, I’ve got some news for you, I’ll go to my grave to see you lose. Fuck it all. I’m sick of running into this fucking wall. I’m ramming through, and I’m done with you. Outside into a world that must be better than this. Relate to hate, assimilate, coexist if you will. When the apocalypse comes your life of lies and I will all be surmised What we realize, overcoming downtrodden outlooks. Reform. Realize. Execute. Unfuckwithable invasion triumphs. *Your object to intrude, My object to malign. Bonded we are whole, assailant of mine. Spines crushed, as we lay flat on the Earth
Come to life so that I may take pleasure in killing you again. From out of the gutters, we invade the others. In the midst in which we’re enshrouded are the ones you’ve always doubted. This pyroclastic fog succumbs you to nonexistence. No resistance is necessary. Our wake will carry thee, through putrefaction. First from the tone, then from the blow. Disintegration will leave nothing intact. But you already know. You’re the next to go in this pyroclastic flow. I’ll turn your fight right around and burn your whole world down, clown. You’ve incited the napalm which surrounds my crown. As this tension uncoils, in my brain, this hatred boils. Soon, stupidity will embrace my soul. I’ll blindingly rip a hole, in your throat. End your idle threats, while my reality resets.


Hostile Alchemy sees GRIDFAILURE offering nine new tracks created throughout the 2016 US election cycle; the result is a caustic noise and tension-wrought set of tracks which bare a more politically-charged attack than the outfit’s customary horror. In addition to suffocating layers of instrumentation and vocals by creator David Brenner, several allies contributed to Hostile Alchemy, including Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm), Faith Ciavarella, Mark Deutrom (Bellringer, ex-Melvins), Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams, Chrome Waves), Pete Tsakiris, Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Alexei Korolev (The Company Corvette), and more.


released March 24, 2017

Executed, recorded, and produced by David Brenner at The Compound, Valley Cottage, New York, 2016/2017, with contributions from Leila Abdul-Rauf, Mark Deutrom, Jeff Wilson, Pete Tsakiris, and Alexei Korolev, recorded by the artists in their respective locations around the country. Photography, design, lyrics by David Brenner, with additional lyrics on “Scourge Telepathy” by Leila Abdul-Rauf.


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GRIDFAILURE Valley Cottage, New York

The ominous vision of creator David Brenner, GRIDFAILURE delivers a cinematic, tension/paranoia-driven form of harsh experimentation fusing dark ambient and harsh sub-hardcore mutations with endless other genres including jazz, world music, folk, electronic, and beyond. ... more

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