I Shall Not Survive Another Winter


Pact Rejection
It's Too Late For Me, It's Too Late For You
Hara-Kiri Superstars
Never Was
I Shall Not Survive Another Winter
No Longer Communicable


GRIDFAILURE’s post-apocalyptic style of horror merges influences of jazz, world music, hardcore, and dark ambient music into a confrontational contagion on I Shall Not Survive Another Winter. To be released on the Fall Equinox, each song on the record grows longer than the one before, creator David Brenner delivering tension and paranoia through effects-soaked guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, synth, harmonica, field recordings, drums and percussion, and more, also handling the recording and artwork. Guest henchpersons include Richard Muller (Vise Massacre, The Third Kind, Future Hunter), BJ Allen (Full Scale Riot), Benjamin Levitt (Megalophobe), Robert Levitt, Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), and Mark Steuer (Those Darn Gnomes).


releases September 22, 2017

Recorded throughout 2016-2017 and mixed by David Brenner at The Compound, Valley Cottage NY, and additional undisclosed locations. Christian Molenaar and Mark Steuer’s contributions recorded by Christian Molenaar at Apollo’s Crotch. Photography, art, and design by David Brenner.

David Brenner – Vocals, Bass, Drums/Percussion, Keyboards

“Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness”
David Brenner – Vocals/Lyrics, Bass, Effects

“Pact Rejection”
David Brenner – Percussion, Analog Synth, Effects
Richard Muller – Drums

“It's Too Late For Me, It's Too Late For You”
David Brenner – Lyrics/Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion, Effects
BJ Allen – Drums
Rob Levitt – Guitars

“Hara-Kiri Superstars”
David Brenner –Drums/Percussion, Bass, Keyboards, Effects
Richard Muller – Drums/Percussion, Guitars

“Never Was”
David Brenner – Vocals/Lyrics, Guitars, Analog Synth, Effects
Christian Molenaar – Electric Piano
Mark Steuer – Vocals

“I Shall Not Survive Another Winter”
David Brenner – Vocals/Lyrics, Guitars, Drums/Percussion, Keyboards, Effects/Loops, Harmonica, Field Recordings
BJ Allen – Drums/Percussion

“No Longer Communicable”
David Brenner – Vocals, Field Recordings, Effects
Benjamin Levitt – Accordion
Robert Levitt – Guitar, Analog Synth



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GRIDFAILURE Valley Cottage, New York

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Track Name: Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness
“Sew Nothing, Reap Nothingness”
Sewing nothing, reaping nothingness
Barely navigating through this fucking mess
A permanent vortex; a veil of contempt
Barely enshrouding endless resentment
Justification for permanent immersion
In this blind rage that is my inertia
The sadness returns once you burn off the hate
Until you’re proven finite, loathing, abominate