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Harbinger Winds

by Gridfailure & Megalophobe

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Lyrics: Benjamin Levitt I'm watching a deer in the woods. Its head is lowered while it eats something on the ground. It is a medium sized doe. "You have to look out for the ones with teeth," my guide tells me. Maybe startled by the sound of his voice, the doe lifts her head; her mouth and muzzle are covered in blood and she snarls to reveal a mouth full of jagged, sharply pointed teeth. I see that she had been eating a squirrel. Its torn remains lie on the forest floor. The last last surviving person has only a lighted sign to keep him company. He lives beneath it and comes out at night to watch the red lights light up. One night, after a premonition of exactly this, the lights come on in a new pattern, pointing toward another sign standing taller behind it atop a tall metal pole. The man thought that he might as well climb up to have a look. At the top of the metal pole, a door into a room sitting behind the dark billboard revealed a slit at eye level. Through the slit, inside the room the back of a man's head could be seen. He turned around and put his face against the slit, facing the survivor eye-to-eye. This person inside the room had angry eyes and a dark beard. All of this had been foreseen in a sequence of premonitions.
Lyrics: David Brenner Permeating Above, behind, below From where it’s born We do not know Uninviting Cringe we do at this gust Unbeknownst to its cause Endure this we must Infiltrating In, out, around, everywhere Impenetrable; something in there Erects my neck hairs Something rotting Wormwood this way drifts No doubt a thing postmortem Dance, the essence of stiffs
Bellows 05:28
Lyrics: Benjamin Levitt Hide with me, we must hide
Lyrics: David Brenner What did I miss? How inhospitable is this? Unfathomable in depth Tumescent and overcooked A phosphorus glow which is underlooked But you’ve got me hooked And now these nights are booked Full You fool It’s the unthinkable Vortexing, disintegrating Flexing on the incinerating Never more contemplating Where it goes from here It’s all been made clear To the outside mind unrelatable, inconceivable To us, inescapable Blow this way Horrible decay Is here to stay Why must it be this way? Who could say? That’s above my pay So here I’ll lay And watch it all swirl away
Intermittent 04:29
Lyrics: David Brenner and Benjamin Levitt Spoken Word: Rosa Henriquez It feels like, you know when you're having a dream and the way the little things aren't sitting right with you? Like you're in a classroom but you notice that under the desk there's mold, and the teacher's face is melting. And the back of the desk chair splinters before crashing into a thousand pieces on the floor. And suddenly you realize that it's not really a fully formed thought, let alone a dream. And then you're standing in the void where everything fell apart. I have friends up there I have friends up there I have friends up there But I need them down here Shadows chase light Shadows choke light Eyes bleed so much darkness Shadows are my light Watch the path Watch the path Watch the path It’s not the sky that’s dark Shadows are my light Follow me Away, away turn your eyes Follow us Follow us
Lyrics: David Brenner and Benjamin Levitt What melody is this serenading my descent? An appropriate tune for an outlook so dim All in earshot scurry as they realize my intent The slower their retreat their chances grow ever more slim Of surviving this dirge from a mindset this bent And I’m conducting this slaughter on such a simple whim Without this satisfaction urge will not relent A sanguine reality as your masses I trim It’s just business, It’s just business. Remember It’s just business You burn whatever the acid doesn’t dissolve Sink the ashes, with everything else that would otherwise float It’s got to be somebody It’s always got to be somebody The song’s been written Now somebody’s got to dance The song’s been written Now somebody’s got to dance It’s like I said, it’s just business But you know, it’s never just business
Lyrics: David Brenner Noxious fumes Arise in columns Billowing plumes So grimly solemn Sky of auburn Crimson the glow Snowflakes of carbon Ashen, they blow Swirling vapors Envelop the herd Never escapes A creature or bird Smoldering hillsides How lovely a hue Seductive smoke collides With new winds which blew Reminiscent Of what we once breathed It’s fading, isn’t it? A brief reprieve Returning our gaze Back to the pits Our remaining days Shall all end like this After we tire From smoldering away Walk into the pyre But the burn pits will stay
Lyrics: David Brenner and Benjamin Levitt What began a gentle breeze, a pleasant reprieve on this desolate plain, has picked up again Endlessly stretching, this expanse of unknowns A far-reaching chasm now drawn so far obtuse We lose depth, what frigid currents it has kept now swept landward, set loose The surge belies now over plateaus of disdain Again and again it attains gain, now stained With proof of these tribulations Engrained with effigies, recounts of devastation With immeasurable voices at once silenced by the fear An unavoidable aura of tension, an unmistakable fog of apprehension Enveloping our presence, now understanding our residence Venture aimlessly into obfuscated frontier A course from which we dare not steer Aware of the terror which resides to our rear But what lurks in our path remaining dishearteningly unclear Persevere we must, while attempting to ignore this foul gust Evermore recurring and less intermittent On this course we’ve committed Besieged by trepidation, without an utterance collectively increasing out pace These winds appear to want to keep us from exiting this doomed place Recollections of all we’ve witnessed continue emerging from places recessed No longer able to be further repressed Now torrential, escaping these winds is essential Attempt to force away the hauntings escaping from the mental Our task we must grasp with every impeded step and gasp The airborne current now riptiding Colliding, with all we are on the surface and inside we now Combust, all bonds rust and disintegrate into the air as traveling dust No longer tethered, no longer traversing together Blindly tossed about within this funnel With no semblance of light ending this tunnel Plummeting into the lahar, from our plan we’re afar and gravely doomed we all are Downwind from what stalks us Our faults now showing, cracks in our foundation growing While these winds just keep blowing Acceptance of our fate now innate No longer must we contemplate For us the selection has been made; we now embrace what was once forbade And we face windward Unfurl the sails and lean into this gale Pyroconumbulus elevates into the black beyond the pale The harbinger winds have already told the tale Embrace now your demise, as that gentle breeze prevails It finds you here Shows you the way at the end It finds you lost Pushes you on toward the end Cold as death, warm as decay Cold as death, warm as decay It’s not what it becomes, forebode It’s not blind when it comes, foretold Cold as death, warm like decay It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us Dreaming I hear You’re drowning I’m dreaming You’re Hiding I’m dreaming Here Dreaming Further, dreaming It comes on frozen waves It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us Dreams come The dreams come again Can it break Through Signs I see All blows through Sign of the end It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us It wants to destroy us


"Is this a collaboration made in heaven or hell? A question you should consider as once again Messrs Brenner and Levitt, along with a plethora of guest musicians, have teamed up to bring us their latest foray into the world of haunting soundscapes and dark ambience with the new long-player Harbinger Winds..." - The Sleeping Shaman

"As their previous collaborations have been extraordinarily avantgarde in nature, this one ups the ante in every possible way… GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE defy easy categorization with their cinematic approach to harsh noise, avant-jazz, and psychedelic dark ambiance. That much has previously been well established. However, the choice here to focus on the psychedelic cinematic side was an excellent one. The slow build of tones and moods collide with jarring imagery that wouldn’t be out of place in the fantastic Nic Cage film Mandy. In case you missed it, that’s a compliment and fits this horrific ride of neon soaked sights and terrifying instrumentation. The duo’s visual presentations have always been striking, to say the least, and here is no exception. It’s a ride though a hellish landscape of visuals coupled with a soundtrack that is extremely heavy in mood and atmosphere that lends itself perfectly to complete immersion, which after all, is the point." - Nine Circles


released September 9, 2022

Catalog ID: NEF-92

New York based solo/collaborator projects GRIDFAILURE and MEGALOPHOBE unveil their third collaborative album together, Harbinger Winds.

Culminating nearly five years of unpredictable progression, regression, erosion, and transformation, Harbinger Winds was finally completed in February of 2022, a wide array of guest contributors helping shape this album’s post/avant lo-fi jazz direction. Engineered, recorded, and mixed by GRIDFAILURE’s David Brenner at The Compound in Rockland County and MEGALOPHOBE’s Benjamin Levitt at Forked Audio in Brooklyn, the two contribute a wide array of vocals, guitars and basses, keys and synth, drums and percussion, accordion, theremin, cello, harmonica, and more, electronics/effects, tape manipulation, nature recordings, and more.

Joining Brenner and Levitt on the album are platinum session musician/performer Mac Gollehon (Duran Duran, Chaka Khan, Buddy Rich, David Bowie, Blondie, Onyx, more), Leila Abdul-Rauf (Vastum, Ionophore), Sally Gates (Titan To Tachyons, ex-Orbweaver), Christian Molenaar (Those Darn Gnomes), Morgan Evans (Walking Bombs), Matt Bacon, Rosa Henriquez, Rob Levitt, and Denise Fillion. The cover art, photography, and videos for Harbinger Winds were created by Brenner, with additional photos and video by Levitt, the album then mastered by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Lost Dog Street Band, Thetan).


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GRIDFAILURE Valley Cottage, New York

The ominous vision of creator David Brenner, GRIDFAILURE delivers a cinematic, tension/paranoia-driven form of harsh experimentation fusing dark ambient and harsh sub-hardcore mutations with endless other genres including jazz, world music, folk, electronic, and beyond. ... more

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