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Sunyata Ontologoy

by Gridfailure & Interstitia

It calls me every day It’s always there I yearn to be free of this Confinement Intertwinement With what we know it is That entity right out there Onward it beckons As we now reckon In retreat we should be But immersed in this are we And now we see just what it is In what we now thrive And what we will likely not survive And although we’re inclined to Leak this realization To any nearby relation No value are they In any conceivable way There’s nothing they could afford to pay To make this situation Be resolved in any other way And once we’ve died It’s in you we’ve relied To evade the shadows The call of the black hand What draws us Back into their grip Every one of us has slipped Thus far
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Sunyata Ontology


Sunyata Ontology is a collaborative album from North Carolina-based INTERSTITIA and New York-based GRIDFAILURE.

INTERSTITIA is the ambient, electronic, instrumental solo project of Graham Scala, also of Bleach Everything, US Christmas, Harmonic Cross, Collapse Culture, and more. Since its inception in 2019, the unit has released multiple albums, EPs, and singles, independently and through the Pax Aeternum label imprint which he co-operates. The output of INTERSTITIA is psychedelic and transportational, looping mutated techno rhythms and fried ambient textures into something immersive and disorienting.

GRIDFAILURE is the apocalyptic audiovisual solo project of David Brenner, also of Diminishing. With dozens of records and recordings released since its 2016 inception, GRIDFAILURE operates both as a solo act as well as a collaborator-heavy collective, with countless notable musicians taking part in the records and a rotating cast of live improvisers. While regularly releasing music through Nefarious Industries confirmed upcoming records for SuperNova Records, Anti-Corporate Music, Disorder Recordings, and more, a wide array of instruments, percussion, vocals, and more cast a suffocating style of dark ambient and experimental demoralization, infusing elements of jazz, world music, dark hardcore, extreme metal, and more.

Conceptually based in a new Cold War, Scala and Brenner merge their primary elements on the dense Sunyata Ontology collaboration. The ten-movement album envisions a disparate not-too-distant dystopian America, with military/espionage tactics, civil unrest, off-the-grid cults and militant factions, covert government police, the takeover of artificial intelligence, and the looming threat of nuclear catastrophe more realistic than ever. The signature, psychotropic, sci-fi, techno beats and structures Scala creates with INTERSTITIA are here doused in ominous low-end tones and broken communications through an amorphous blend of GRIDFAILURE’s instrumentation, with Brenner’s demoralizing vocals sporadically erupting through the sulfuric fog.


releases June 9, 2023

INTERSTITIA is Graham Scala
GRIDFAILURE is David Brenner

Recorded by Graham Scala in Asheville, North Carolina and David Brenner in Valley Cottage, New York with final mix and mastering by Graham Scala. Concept and art direction by David Brenner and Graham Scala. Lyrics and cover design by David Brenner.

Graham Scala - all beats, programming, electronics
David Brenner - vocals, guitar, bass, analog/digital percussion, keyboards, analog/digital synth, pedals, field recordings

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GRIDFAILURE Valley Cottage, New York

The ominous vision of creator David Brenner, GRIDFAILURE delivers a cinematic, tension/paranoia-driven form of harsh experimentation fusing dark ambient and harsh sub-hardcore mutations with endless other genres including jazz, world music, folk, electronic, and beyond. ... more

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